Biome Assignment

Using any method of communication (podcast, iphoto, imovie, keynotes etc.) students will create a presentation of the biome of their choice.

In their presentation of their biome, students will need to include the following information:

1. Name of Biome

2. Location (maybe a pic. of a map of its region)

3. Climate/temperature

4. Rainfall

5. Dominant flora (plant life)

6. Dominant fauna (animal life)

7. Minimum of 3 images of scenes of biome

8. List of 2 food chains form biome (honors-show a food web of biome)

9. Soil type/condition

10. Interesting fact/general comments

The different biomes to research:

1.Tropical Rainforest

2.Tropical Dry Forest

3. Tropical Savanna

4. Desert

5. Temperate Geassland

6. Temperate Woodland and Shrubland

7.Temperate Forest

8.Northwestern Coniferous Forest

9.Boreal Forest