For your Biome Project:

You are teaching the class all the elements that we have gone over throughout ecology using your chosen biome.
The choices for the biomes are:
  • Tundra
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Temperate Forest
  • Taiga
  • Desert
  • Aquatic
  • Grassland
Your tutorial must be a minimum of 15 min. to the class. Think of it as a short lecture for us.
While you are presenting the rest of the class will be taking notes, because of this you will develop one foldable and/or handouts to add to the notebook.
You can use choose to present it in person or you can develop a tutorial that you previously recorded and that plays during your assigned time slot.
Your entire tutorial is made of three components.
  1. Diagrams (these should be in your tutorial and incorporated in your foldables
  2. Foldables to organize and record notes (your make these)
  3. The informative section which contains the content that describes your biome

The first component (Diagrams) will be mixed throughout your tutorial and will be identified in the Information section below.
The foldable and or outline notes can be anything you develop that will contain enough information to fully and accurately study for a test. Each group will be responsible for one double sided notebook page with attached foldable. You have multiple examples from the notebooking that we have done already. I will also provide you with more, but the best one are the ones you develop and are creative with. The content or information that you will need is listed below. These are components that I will be grading for.
  • Name of Biome
  • Special characteristics that define your biome such as:
    • annual temperatures
    • annual rainfall or precipitation
    • climate or unique weather patterns
    • types of seasons or day length
    • specific levels of salinity (if you have a water biome)
    • types of vegetation or animal life that are characteristic to your biome
  • Where your biome is located on the planet
  • 3 different ecosystems that give a good representation of the diversity of your biome
  • Chose one of your three ecosystems and diagram or show models of the following
    • Abiotic and biotic factors that make your ecosystem unique
    • Different producers and consumers found in your ecosystem
    • Diagram/illustrate/show specific examples of the three feeding relationships within your ecosystem
      • producer-consumer
      • predator-prey
      • parasite-host
    • Diagram/illustrate/show specific examples of the three symbiotic relationships within your ecosystem
      • commensalism
      • mutualism
      • parasitism
    • Diagram a food chain that shows a good representation of the flow of energy within the different trophic levels of your ecosystem
    • Diagram a food web of several pathways that energy would flow in your ecosystem
    • Diagram/create/or model an energy pyramid that represents the flow of energy withing your ecosystem. It should show where most of the energy goes.
    • Diagram and explain specific plant and animal adaptations that help organisms survive in your ecosystem such as
      • reproductive adaptations
      • feeding adaptations
      • behavioral adaptations
      • structural adaptations such as
        • coloration (mimicry, camouflage, warning coloration)
        • protective structures (such as venom, toxic secretions, claws, teeth, thick fur, thorns, spines, scales)
        • any structure that increases an organisms chance of survival.
    • Diagram or model the following cycles of matter through your ecosystem.
      • Water
      • Carbon
      • Nitrogen
      • Oxygen

This project will require planning, organization, and an understanding of the material you are presenting. Each person will need to equally present and participate in the project.

Below is a schedule of what will take place in the next three weeks.

Complete Labs
Assign biomes to groups and go over project
Work on project
Progress Grade 1 is due
Work on project
Work on Project
Work on Project
Progress Grade 2 is due
Turn in any blank Foldables or pictures required for notebook so I can make copies for the other groups
Progress Grand 3 - Final Check before Presentation
Complete Presentations