1.Describe the overall summary equation for Cellular Respiration
2. Define, compare and contrast anaerobic respiration and aerobic respiration.
3. Describe and diagram the process of glycolysis and the location of these reactions within a cell.
4. Describe and diagram the processes of alcohol fermentation and lactic acid fermentation and explain why these processes are necessary.
5. Describe and diagram the structure of a mitochondria and relate its structure to the chemical reactions that take place in it.
6. Describe and diagram the steps in the Kreb (Citric Acid) cycle and its location within the cell. This should include all products, reactants, and coenzymes at each step.
7. Describe and diagram the production of ATP by chemiosmosis and relate the structure of the electron transport chain to this process.
8. Summarize the net yeild of ATP for glycolysis, lactic acid fermentation, alcohol fermentation, the Krebs cycle, the electron transport chain.
9.Relate the type of cell to the type of respiration and its evolutionary impact.


cellular respiration
anaerobic respiration
aerobic respiration
electron carrier
electron transport chain
proton pump
proton gradient
ATP synthase